About Us

Orange County Immigration Law is an association of talented attorneys and paralegals who work exclusively on immigration law cases.  Each attorney is in the individual practice of law, but share office space, equipment and secretarial staff.  This relationship allows clients to have the personal attention of a sole practitioner while enjoying the resources of a large law firm.


When you look for an attorney you have seemingly endless choices. With the internet it is easy to be attracted to an unqualified and/or inexperienced lawyer who simply sponsors a fancy ad. Remember, you want the best attorney, not the best advertiser. When you pick us you may rest assured that you have put your case in the hands of experienced counsel. If you are looking for a lawyer who believes in hard work, call us. If you want a lawyer with experience, call us. If you need a lawyer with integrity, call us. If you expect your lawyer to return your calls,

keep you informed, and be personally involved with your case, call us. And, if you demand a lawyer who believes in reasonable fees, call us. We believe that doing the best job possible is our obligation to each client. We listen. When you retain us we will give you the results and professionalism you deserve in a lawyer.


When it comes to legal fees, you want true value for your money.  Our fees are modest and our experience allows us to smoothly process your paperwork.  We work hard to efficiently finish your case to save you money and stress.  Look at our profiles.
We are proud of the high standards we maintain and have earned the respect of the courts and other attorneys.  Ask any immigration judge about our reputations.
Please take advantage of our free consultation to answer any specific questions.  We are available by phone or in the office at your convenience.

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About Us