Deportation / Removal


The legal term for deportation is “removal”.  It refers to the expulsion of a person from the United States due to a violation of immigration law.  U.S. Citizens may not be deported.


Common reasons for deportation proceedings are the conviction of particular crime(s), illegal entry and overstaying after a visa expires.  Hundreds of thousands of people are deported from the United States each year.  Because deportation is not considered a criminal case, free lawyers are not provided for individuals facing deportation.


Deportation is not automatic.  An individual facing deportation has a right to a hearing and appellate relief in most situations.  Often deportation can be prevented when legal and/or equitable evidence is presented that proves hardship or other justification for a person to remain in the United States.  Deportation defense is a specialized area of immigration law and requires familiarity with criminal law as well as immigration laws.   


If you need help regarding a deportation case you should call us. We will evaluate the facts, advise you of potential defenses and help arrange for a bond (bail) if possible.  If we honestly believe we can help, we will quote you a reasonable fee.  On the other hand, if relief is not available we will not take your hard-earned money.


Please take advantage of our free consultation to answer any specific questions.  We are available by phone or in the office at your convenience.

Deportation / Removal

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