Family Based Immigration


Permanent Legal Residents and U.S. Citizens currently have the right to request that certain family members join them in the United States.  The type of family relationship, as well as the petitioner’s current immigration status, determines the availability of this process. 


“Immediate relatives” have highest priority.  Immediate relatives are spouses and minor children (under age 21) of U.S. Citizens only.  The United States Citizenship & Immigration Service has established procedures for these and all other types of petitions.


Permanent Legal Residents may file petitions for spouses and their minor and adult unmarried children only, but U.S. Citizens may petition for spouses, minor and adult children (whether married or not), as well as for their parents, brothers and sisters.       


In situations where individuals meet all of the criteria the process may be relatively simple. The determination of whether all of the criteria are properly met, as well the expertise in completing and submitting the necessary documentation is where having an experianced attorney makes a difference.


These are generally inexpensive matters for us to handle for you.  It would be our pleasure to provide a free consultation to evaluate your particular situation.  After reviewing the facts of your case we will then provide you a quote of all the costs involved and estimate the length of time required to bring your relative here to join you.


Please take advantage of our free consultation to answer any specific questions.  We are available by phone or in the office at your convenience.

Family Based Immigration

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