INaturalization and Citizenship

The status of being a United States Citizen is an honor and a privilege.  Anyone born in the United States or in a U.S. territory is automatically an American citizen.  Most persons born to a parent who was an U.S. Citizen at the time were also automatically a U.S. Citizen at the time of his/her birth, regardless of where they were born.  U.S. Citizenship may also be granted to foreign nationals upon application for naturalization.  Some individuals may also have automatically become a U.S. citizen at the time when one or more of their parents were granted U.S. citizenship through naturalization.


Frequently, individuals have problems establishing that they are U.S. Citizens.  In these cases the challenge is to find the proper proof regarding where a person was born, proof of the relationship to a U.S. Citizen parent as well as other documentation pertaining to the U.S. Citizen parent’s residences.  Locating this type of evidence is often more difficult than it would seem.         


Even if you do not have a claim for U.S. Citizenship through your parent(s), Naturalization is the legal process of becoming a United States citizen available for all other lawful permanent resident individuals. The rules concerning both citizenship and naturalization are technical and applications must be carefully submitted.  Presenting false evidence and/or deliberately omitting evidence can result in a denial, deportation and even criminal prosecution.


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Naturalization and Citizenship

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