Non-Immigrant Visa


This area of immigration law concerns non-immigrants who enter the United States on a temporary basis.  Many visas for non-immigrants have no numerical restrictions and there are also special waivers for many otherwise inadmissible individuals.


The keys to obtaining a non-immigrant visa are twofold.  One, the applicant must be able to prove that the intended stay will be temporary.  Two, that there is a legitimate purpose for the visit to the United States.  Sometimes this purpose is personal (i.e. tourism or studying) and other times, it is for business.  There are often many overlooked details that are critical to being approved for a non-immigrant visa.  For example, the applicant must have a passport that will remain valid for six months beyond the period of expected stay.


Individuals who illegally remain in the United States after their legal period of stay expires may be deported and denied subsequent entry.  There are also numerous restrictions on activities while temporarily in the United States pursuant to a visa of this nature


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Non-Immigrant Visa

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